BC College of Family Physicians (BCCFP)

Congratulations on starting your career in family medicine!

The BCCFP is pleased to welcome you as a valued member and to serve as your professional home. We recognize the unique needs of family physicians in early practice and we are working to bring together a first five years in family practice group to generate ideas for supports and programs.

  • The BCCFP website has details about CPD opportunities, including preferential rates for members in their first five years of practice
  • Join BC’s First Five Years in Family Practice peer support group on Facebook. It’s a great way to become part of a community of practice — a venue for sharing information, seeking advice, and receiving quick answers to your questions from your peers.

CPSBC Number (Licence for Independent Practice)

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) grants medical licences that are needed for independent practice.

  • Complete the application for medical registration
  • Registration is a six-phase process, requiring:
    • Resume
    • Completed application forms
    • Three reference letters
    • Copy of medical degree
    • Completion of an online quiz
    • Proof of LMCC and CCFP completion
  • Fees:
    • Registration fee: $640
    • Preliminary Assessment of Qualifications: $600
    • Annual Renewal for 2018: $1,685 (due February 1st)

Hospital Privileges

Obtaining privileges can be a lengthy process and the information required depends on the health authority for which you want privileges.

  • Cactus (AppCentral) is the centralized online system to which most required documents are submitted, including individualized document requirements for each health authority such as reference letters and online modules that must be completed.
  • Generally, copies of the following documents are required:
    • Medical diploma
    • Resume
    • Confidentiality agreement
    • LMCC II exam results
    • CFPC exam results
    • CMPA proof of insurance
    • Medical licence

Billing Number

You must enrol in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) to obtain a billing number to bill MSP for insured services provided.

Work Safe BC

WorkSafeBC is the compensation board in British Columbia. To submit workers’ claims to WorkSafeBC:

  • You must check the worker’s claim status before beginning treatment
  • Follow the negotiated fee schedules for covered services

Refer to the Physician Reference Guide for additional information.

Billing Resources

The Society of General Practitioners offers useful guides on billing and has a comprehensive billing guide available online. SGP membership can be added through the Doctors of BC membership profile.

Doctors of BC

Doctors of BC is the provincial medical association responsible for negotiating with the government on behalf of physicians in British Columbia.

  • Apply using the online form
  • Fees: $1,540 for full membership; $770 for first year in practice, usually paid in lump sum with Canadian Medical Association fees
  • Membership is not mandatory
  • Membership includes voting rights in Doctors of BC elections, and access to discounts and benefits listed on their website