The Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians

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CPSS Number (Licence for Independent Practice)

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CPSS) grants medical licences needed for independent practice.

  • Detailed information and eligibility guidelines are available on the CPSS website
  • The application for medical registration may be completed at any time during the year
  • Fees: $525 for application; $1,900 for annual licence
  • CCFP Certificate is required (or for FMR2s in Saskatchewan, eligibility is confirmed directly with the University of Saskatchewan)

Hospital Privileges

As of December 4, 2017, Saskatchewan transitioned to a single provincial health authority, and credentialing and privileging is expected to be done centrally. Generally, copies of the following documents are required:

  • Resume
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • CFPC exam results
  • CMPA proof of insurance
  • Medical licence
  • Police clearance

Billing Number

The Medical Services Branch (MSB) assigns billing numbers; the CPSS assists with this when physicians are applying for a license.

  • You can begin working without a billing number, and bill retroactively for six months
  • Worker compensation benefits are billed through MSB

Saskatchewan Medical Association

The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) is the provincial division of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), and is responsible for negotiating for and on behalf of fee-for-service, salaried, and alternate payment physicians in Saskatchewan. SMA membership is conjoint with the CMA membership.

Job Opportunities

The Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan, saskdocs, has resources you can use to find positions in the province.