Nova Scotia College of Family Physicians (NSCFP)

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CPSNS Number (Licence for Independent Practice)

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia (CPSNS) grants medical licences that are needed for independent, unsupervised practice after graduation.

Fees are determined during application.

Hospital Privileges

  • Hospital privileges vary depending on health zone and hospital
  • Generally, hospitals require copies of the following documents:
    • Medical diploma
    • Resumé
    • Police clearance
    • Confidentiality agreement
    • LMCC exam results
    • CFPC exam results
    • CMPA proof of insurance
    • Medical licence

Billing Number

A unique billing number is required to submit claims to Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance (MSI).

  • New registration details and forms
  • In order to register, you need to obtain your licence to practise from the CPSNS and submit the following documents to MSI:
    • A cover letter about your plans to practise in Nova Scotia
    • The completed MSI Physician Application Form
    • A completed MSI Provider Business Arrangement Form
    • A void cheque
  • The Physician’s Manual is the schedule of medical benefits and lists all of the Health Service Codes

Doctors Nova Scotia

As members of Doctors Nova Scotia, physicians benefit from being part of a united voice that advocates for an adequately supported health care system, quality health care delivery, and a healthier Nova Scotia.

  • Apply using the online form
  • Fee: $1,650 (full membership)

Membership includes an extended health and dental plan, physician liability insurance rebates, and a parental leave program.

Job Opportunities

For full-time and locum opportunities throughout Nova Scotia, visit the Nova Scotia Health Authority website or contact physician recruiters at [email protected].

Dalhousie Family Medicine

Consider applying for a faculty appointment with Dalhousie Family Medicine, which allows you to be a clinical educator with the department. There are also extra benefits to appointment (e.g., access to Dalhousie libraries, discounts on faculty development, etc.). You can find more information at Become a Clinical Educator.